The Interrupters

When considering Los Angeles outfit The Interrupters, take a moment to kindly forget jargon like "SoCal punk rock" or "next wave ska" or whatever perimeter you want to secure around them. A typical Interrupters gig feels like going to church where all the religious iconography is taken out and replaced with mirrors so the band and audience become one. The Interrupters formed in the band’s hometown of Los Angeles in 2011. Guitarist Kevin Bivona and his twin brothers Justin (bass) and Jesse (drums) were thrilled by the 90’s punk-rock resurgence as well as the groove, energy, and messages found in the original 2 Tone ska bands.

Their self-titled 2014 debut caught on like pacific coast wildfire, bolstered by incredible songs, Aimee’s 100,000-watt charisma, and a stage presence best described as the kinetic energy of Hi-Bounce balls in human form. The Interrupters are so dedicated to their mission, they’ll practically hang on the corner with you while you wait for your Uber. For that reason alone, you should see where In The Wild will take you.

Genres: Rock, Ska, Punk
Hometown: Los Angeles, California
Band Members: Kevin Bivona, Aimee Interrupter, Justin Bivona, Jesse Bivona